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McMillan Childrens Foundation

Helping children around the world

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The Foundation's Origins

The McMillan Childrens Foundation was founded in 2004 to support children in need. A private family foundation, it is driven by both personal values and international expertise.

The Foundation was established by John J. McMillan. John has held a life-long commitment to service on behalf of children. His sense of social responsibility led to the founding of the McMillan Childrens Foundation.
The Foundation's commitment to working internationally reflects the founders' global perspective and his desire to direct the Foundation's resources to the points of greatest need.


Initial Experience The Foundation's initial experience has been a testimony to the power of small grants given at the grassroots level.


Outside Inspiration The McMillan Childrens Foundation continues to be inspired by many individuals and community groups working in Russia, who are able to accomplish so much on behalf of children and families.

Our grantees and other partners are helping our vision become a reality, and our initiative is continually informed by their work.

Online Grant Requests

Our foundation is only as good as the grantees who work tirelessly to help children around the world.

If your charity is in need of funding, please send us a grant request.

Working together we can bring hope to children affected by poverty, homelessness, and illness around the world.

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